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Behind Closet Doors

Behind Closet Doors | Print & Layout Design

Behind closet doors was designed with some real life experiences from people who all have different out comes. I’ve asked a few questions to better guide these volunteers in writing their stories. This book will help others see that they're not alone through their journey of “coming out,” these stories will help so many people walk through their “closet door.” Thank you so much to all those who wrote their personal experience.

These questions all pertain to sexual orientation, and the entire length of time he or she have thought about it. I want to get an idea of what helped or didn't help them.

It is hard to say, “when you came out,” or “before you came out” or “after you came out”  So, when is it really that you have “come out” or not? That being said I will just refer to “it” as an ongoing “process” of understanding, learning, accepting, coming to terms with, and so on.

I dream of a day when nobody ever hurts or struggles based on anything about their sexuality. Drug use and suicide rates are much higher in that of the LGBTQ population than that of same aged people who are not. I dream that the world will come together to bring these rates down and stop it all together. I will be more than happy if this project helps just one person.